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What is this Blog about?

OK, so this is my first Blog posting- what should it be about, me? very boring, my work? well what about it? Food, the stuff we eat, the stuff we cook, I take photographs of it, why? I never wanted to be a chef,although I love cooking it can be a hit or miss..., why food? Maybe because I am intrigued, fascinated by what we eat. Yeah I do love taking pictures of beautifull things naturally grown and bred either raw or cooked. The exscuite beauty of a wild mushroom, the intricate patterns found in a Red cabbage sliced through the middle, Ok so we can all appreciate the innate beauty or ugliness in something that is edible. So am I like a documenter cataloguing all the vegetables of the world? Umm No, I am not on some scientific mission, objectivity is not what drives me. So, My biggest sense of achievement is creating a picture which rouses an emotional response from the viewer. To make them hungry? No! I want to Whet the appetite, excite, inspire and appreciate all the things we eat an