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Food Photography Training has gone international!

      An invitation to teach food photography in the beautiful city of Avignion, in the region of Provence, France. The team at Risotto & Co produce the best ready meal risotto's in recycled  and returnable glass jars. The recipes are wonderful,  full of the flavours and taste you would expect from a talented French Chef using the best ingredients of Provence. The seafood risotto was yummy! I do not speak French so my wife and daughter were a bit concerned as they dropped me off at Gatwick. Arrived late to a hot, summer  French airport. After a dramatic taxi ride into the city of Marseille my fast train took me to Avignon where Kate from Risotto & Co met me. Being from New Zealand my host looked after me as I spent the day teaching her how to photograph the wonderful food developed and cooked by her husband Chef. kate getting into the creative groove The last time I was in Avignon , my wife(then girlfriend!) and I were asked by