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Busy bees

I was a little nervous, zipping into my bee suit, I could hear the gentle buzzing of the bees just beyond the hedge where Paynes bee farmers keep some of their many beehives across Sussex. The hives arranged in a circle facing inwards,"don't wander into their flight path" warned Roger one of the Paynes who works for his family business. Brothers Mark and Roger carefully opened up the Hives, checking the colonies condition and their honey. The bees were a little annoyed at our presence quickly surrounding my camera as I focused in on their activity. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

My Work and stuff

some pics of us at work on a project. Ruby the dog waits patiently for the food to be ready! Working in London,I specialize in Food and drink and use locations and studios that are appropririate for each project. My work can be roughly split into two main areas, Design and Editorial. Projects for design companies have included food packaging, PR and Advertorials. Projects for editorial clients have included cookbooks, and magazine food articles. Frequently asked queestions- Do you shoot digitally?- Yes I work with a Phase One sytem on a Hasselblad medium format camera. this provides an 48mbRGB or 64mbCMYK file at 300dpi. Proof prints provided if requested. Where do you shoot normally?- I shoot at a fully serviced daylight studio in Kennington London, SE11. Food, products and props can be delivered before the shoot and props and pickups can be left for later returns. I live in east Sussex, having moved as a family three years ago. I find the flexibilty of location and the freedom of

What is this Blog about?

OK, so this is my first Blog posting- what should it be about, me? very boring, my work? well what about it? Food, the stuff we eat, the stuff we cook, I take photographs of it, why? I never wanted to be a chef,although I love cooking it can be a hit or miss..., why food? Maybe because I am intrigued, fascinated by what we eat. Yeah I do love taking pictures of beautifull things naturally grown and bred either raw or cooked. The exscuite beauty of a wild mushroom, the intricate patterns found in a Red cabbage sliced through the middle, Ok so we can all appreciate the innate beauty or ugliness in something that is edible. So am I like a documenter cataloguing all the vegetables of the world? Umm No, I am not on some scientific mission, objectivity is not what drives me. So, My biggest sense of achievement is creating a picture which rouses an emotional response from the viewer. To make them hungry? No! I want to Whet the appetite, excite, inspire and appreciate all the things we eat an