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Master the Art of Food Photography Summit

Very excited to be part of this very special online event - Master the Art of Food Photography Summit 7th-15th July. Hosted in America bringing together Food Photographers to share their passion for photographing food. Lots of free resources and special VIP passes giving access to incredible resources from the best in their field. Lots more to tell you as we near the start date... Summit registration: VIP Pass:

A leiths day

Looking back at previous courses I have added my video of the Leiths school of cookery workshop I did in 2017. Planning  for an online alternative

Circles within circles

Photographing food involves composing plates and bowls, usually round. I find myself constantly placing circles within the rectangle of my crop. Using the rule of thirds, I use odd numbers and offset the arrangements for interesting compositions. on my courses, I encourage students to create fluid and dynamic arrangements with squares and shapes. Try and avoid the regular placing of plates unless for graphic eye-catching styles. Try and create a random placing of the plates as you compose your photograph  more at foodphotographytrainiing