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Sweet tooth temptations

I have just come back from my dentist feeling a bit sore and I remembered some shots I took while at London Borough Market, some fantastic meringues, macaroons and cupcakes on display. They looked so beautiful and dangerously sugary! Crazy colours I just want to dive in!

Veggie heaven

Second recent book publication I worked on, The  Vegetarian Pantry Cookbook. Written by Chloe Coker and Jane Montgomery their company CityCook I loved working on this project, the light in the studio was consistently lovely over the shoot time, Colourful and inventive vegetarian food, a delight to shoot.   I love the cover! We set up near the window at my studio and it was late in the afternoon. It had been a dull all day but as we were putting the finishing touches to the set the sun peaked out from the clouds, I quickly softened the light with some diffusing material and took a couple of quick shots as the sunlight streamed across the set. I love it when that happens, the perfect light just at the right time. Sublime! The two writers were absolutely lovely to work with wrote some great  inspiring vegetarian recipes.  Of course I had to try the recipes as we shot the book, one of the perks of the job... One of my favourites was the Breadcrumbed Halloumi goujons. A crunchy w

I love a pie!

Two books published last month which I have worked on, the first is "The Pie Book" a hearty book by Dorling Kindersley on Pies, savoury and sweet. Some lovely Pie recipes and yes I had to try most of them. This is the second book of  photographing the recipes of writer Caroline Bretherton, the first being the Allotment Cookbook, which I also enjoyed working on. Taking pictures of pies is essentially photographing big round things! Thankfully caroline's recipes had a good selection on classic and new, visually lovely. The publisher also had a clear vision of the look and style of the book. Dare I say "rustic", well, country kitchen might be a safer way of describing the overall look of the pictures. Thanks goes to Kathryn Wilding and those at DK for designing a great looking book. I took the opportunity to go a bit  "moody" with the lighting with inspirational Art direction shared By Nicky Collings and Kat Mead, who both perfectly pitched the pict