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Why I Love Overhead Shots

For those who have been on one of my courses on food photography you know that I explain three basic camera angels to work with; side on, three quarters and overhead. I don't have a preference but the recent cookbo ok I worked allowed me to try the same recipes in two angles. the result? surprisingly I am liking the overhead shots more....!    I think its because the overhead angle seems more "real" less contrived, The food seems to look modern and of the moment. Overhead the composition is more graphic, strong shapes in the arrangement. So does the camera angle control how the food looks or does recipe control the best camera angle? To show how some shots work because of the camera angle have included two more from one angle only that works for me.  This squid and fennel  recipe  is a  good example, three quarters looks lovely, the arrangement is has height and lots of texture...  Shot again overhead it looks modern and eye ca

Beans NOT on toast

             I was brought up on beans on toast, (sometimes with some grated cheddar melted on top!) So to work on a cook book with great legume recipes by Vicky Jones was very exciting.  Another beautiful cook book by the publishers RPS. A pleasure to work on. Wonderful food styling by Rosie Reynolds and gorgeous design by Barbara Zuniga Fantastic  prop styling by Linda Berlin! A gorgeous colour palette keeping the images fresh and modern. Some bigger pics are now on my website

"And now the shipping news"

Being on board the P&O cruise liner Aurora was the ultimate treat to end 2014 on. The Blackjack Table is now Open! I didn't actually make to the casino card table but photographing in the ship's restaurants was, for me, as exciting! A great team at P&O to work with in capturing a selection of the delicious food served to those lucky enough to enjoy the luxuries on board one of the worlds top Cruise ships. Food stylist Jessica Mills   worked with the chefs at each of the three restaurants making sure the recipes were perfect for the camera. The food was super stylish and the look was to be smart and modern. Sadly had to leave the ship at the end of the day, My dream of sitting at the captain's table will have to wait for another day...