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Teaching day reflections

A great day of teaching on another workshop at on Saturday. As ever, a friendly and enthusiastic group of students hungry to learn how to photograph food. We looked at using studio lighting, creating different effects using simple techniques to get the best out of the food, raw and cooked. A fun day that went all too quickly, thanks to those taking part. New courses planned for the New Year.

Olive Oil Challenge at my food photography workshop

Had a great time on the recent my workshop day, teaching how to photograph food. Thanks to all those who attended. One of the students wanted to photograph olive oil being poured over a roast vegetable dish. Fantastic! A good opportunity to show how to get a good pouring shot using daylight. Good use of camera controls to get the result wanted. A couple of my favourites shots of the day by the students. My next course on food photography is on the 25th Oct more info at

Not For The Vegetarians

My wife is vegetarian, and a brilliant cook, I love her vegetarian cooking. However I do enjoy a good meat dish now and again. So I was very excited to be asked to work on a Meat book. Thanks to the team at Dorling Kindersley for creating a great publication. My Contribution was part of a couple of photographers working on this large project. Pleased that I did the cover shot and worked with a great team. Some pics of the day.

Live like a Vegan

Beautifully  designed and written book the Vegan Pantry by Dunja Gulin has been recently published. Great working on the project, with Ryland Peters and Small Some of my favourite shots, Fab Food styling by Rosie Reynolds ! Brilliant as all ways!

Coffee Obsession New Book

A new book that I worked on came out over the summer, "Coffee Obsession" Thanks to all those at Dorling Kindesley for creating another great looking book. The best Art direction as all ways by Nicky Collings.  Using Beans from all over the wold supplied by the Square Mile coffee roasters, We got through a mountain of coffee and created some gorgeous Latte Art! Lots of information on how to make the perfect espresso, cappuccino and latte. Detailed information of coffee growers from around the world. We had a state of the art coffee machine, grinder and top barista to create the perfect cup of coffee.  Fantastic recipes on flavouring your favourite coffee  I think I over did a bit on the caffeine intake!  I like this one  and this  The swan Latte Art  How Coffee is made in west Africa, freshly brewed